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Digital Engineering
for the
Energy Transition


Olsights is a UK based clean energy data visualisation & application developer creating an affordable digital engineering toolkit that allows quick decision-making to democratise and accelerate the energy transition.

Olsights Eye Scotland
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Olsights Eye

Olsights Eye

A global mapping visualisation tool that enable easy access and understanding of complex decarbonisation and clean energy data. 

  • Global datasets

  • 3D visualisations

  • Colour coded data schemes

  • Installed & planned clean energy generation visualisations

  • regional cluster emission visualisations for decarbonisation planning

  • simple data dash boards for quick insights to accelerate project decision making

Advisory Service

In addition to the Olsights Eye we also provide general clean energy advisory services.  

We offer a digital approach using modern operational techniques and our bespoke applications to help you make important decisions more quickly. 


Olsights advisory services focus on:

  • Problem Structuring

  • Risked Project Lifecycles

  • Technology & Engineering

Contact us to discuss how we can assist your clean energy project. 

Olwg Web Applications (d green) 07-01-22

Bespoke clean energy project application development

Olwg Web Development Framing (d green) 0

Project development, screening and assurance using Olsights digital engineering toolkit.

17-10-22 Olsights Technical Support_edit

Follow on technical support for use and maintenance of all Olsights applications

Olwg Web Data Analytics (d green) 07-01-

Data aggregation, mapping, visualisations and insights.

Olwg Web carbon advisory (d green) 07-01

General energy and carbon advisory services. 

Who we work with:


"Olsights have proved their ability not once but twice in providing fast insight into large datasets. At The Crown Estate I wanted to dig deeper into the mass of public domain data to understand where the UK’s carbon emissions really would come from and how they would reach potential carbon stores. Olsights asked the right questions to address our needs and delivered quickly as they promised. Great experience."

Adrian Topham, Senior Development Manager (CCUS)

Contact Olsights

Contact Olsights
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